Guggenheim Helsinki by COSTALOPES Architecture

Guggenheim Helsinki

Year  2014
Location Helsinki
Area 13.700 sqm
Category Culture and Civic
Status Competition

The new Guggenheim is located in the most central port platform of the city of Helsinki, currently occupied by a maritime terminal.


From the urban point of view, we intend to ensure through this conversion the revitalization of this front, the expansion of the public space and green structure and the improvement of sustainable mobility.

From a conceptual point of view, it is intended that the Museum works simultaneously as a bridge, a meeting place, epicenter and driving force of urban and cultural life.

Four attributes – BRIDGING, WELCOMING, REVEALING and PERFORMING – define the museum.



BRIDGING, understood in its different dimensions: spatial, temporal, social and generational.

WELCOMING, through the diversity of spaces and activities dedicated to all social groups.

REVEALING, reflecting an upward path that must be crossed between real life and its representations.

PERFORMING, towards achieving capacity, socio-cultural interaction and agent of change.

In formal terms, a new topography is created, on which the museum building rests. This cup-shaped body creates protected outdoor spaces integrated into the public space, minimizing land occupation and ensuring sea views from the surrounding areas. All services are located on this lower part, while the noble areas of the museum are housed in the upper body.



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