Hexa Building by COSTALOPES Architecture

Edifício Hexa

The Amílcar Cabral – Hexa Plaza Building occupies a lot next to Avenida Amílcar Cabral, one of Luanda’s major thoroughfares that reflect the still ongoing major expansion in the tertiary sector (as part of the transformations in the city’s retail and services sector).

Year  2009
Location Luanda
Surface Area 440 sq. m.
Total Floor Space 5.679 sq. m.
Category Mixed-Use
Status Project


The base, consisting of 2 storeys with retail outlets, and topped by a further 9 storeys, is recessed in relation to the plot boundary so as to align with the gallery of the neighbouring building.

The façades of this corner-plot building are characterised by a projected structure forming a hexagonal grid.

The distended honeycomb structure adds a degree of permeability that brings dynamism to the building’s configuration and scale. This hexagonal structure discharge extends down to the ground level, conferring upon the gallery at the base a sense of protection in the cityscape.

With a view to guaranteeing an open-plan typology on each floor (ideal for offices), the vertical circulation system is made up of a central body (with two elevators and an emergency staircase) which functions as a structural access trunk (in addition to the façade, which also assumes structural functions).

Hexa Plaza

Hexa Plaza

Hexa Plaza


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