Alexandre Falcão Costa Lopes (1967) and António Falcão Costa Lopes (1974) were born in the harbour city of Lobito, having deep and ancestral roots in the southern ocean coast of Angola, in the city of Namibe, near the desert of the same name.

They studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon and at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of Lusíada University of Lisbon, respectively. In Luanda, they founded the COSTALOPES architects collective in 2003, one of today’s leading architectural offices of Angola and the African continent. At COSTALOPES, they coordinate its design board and have an important role in conceptualizing, designing and managing projects and works, leading the office’s public relations.

They have a keen interest on culture and art, following and supporting the Angolan scene, intertwining them with global and cosmopolitan contemporary life. And they never forget their debt of gratitude towards the Angolan people and a firm ambition to live a humanly life.

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