We are proud to present ourselves as a strategic, innovative and integrative activist.





is a given

Haven’t you noticed that the world has changed and is demanding transformation? Our desire to bring about positive change to this new world by passionately engaging with our environment, creating a visually relevant and functional atmosphere is by no means a practice limited to West Africa.

is a must

We’re not exclusively driven by the desire for expansion but rather the reaffirmation of the inner qualities that brought us to this position. We realised that only a tight integration of the various parts produces the desired result, making our performance differentiated and rewarding.

a disruptive passion

In a high-quality intervention, it is crucial to equip “the new” with features that enter into a relationship of significant tension with the existing. We often look at the pre-existing with a high sense of disruption to let “the new” find its natural place.

in western architecture

Innovative and complex, COSTALOPES buildings have a global voice: they carry the vitality, warmth and rhythm of our African ancestry and extensive practice within that continent.

Our path is centred on the purposeful goal of creating value sustainably and ethically to inspire communities. The community cares for those who care for society.

But our work also bears witness to a painful feeling that is often missing in contemporary western architecture: a practical answer to the challenges created by a constantly evolving environment while operating in ample respect of diversity and responding to varying cultural contexts.


Sustainability isn’t a fancy long word that we need to force into our dialectic: when everyone else was discovering how this wheel turns, we were busy working it out on the harsh African terrain and conditions.

Therefore our bespoke solutions drive our environmental agenda to build in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We design holistically, producing innovative strategies that simultaneously focus on the present and the future of the environment and are underpinned by EFQM – Organisational Sustainability – processes and systems.

Our Global Responsibility Purpose is based on non-negotiable values, such as ethics, sustainability, and dialogue to improve the balance between Communities, Planet and Universe.



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